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Sun Valley: Why a Rebuilt Transmission is a Good Choice

The first major repair your car needs will probably involve its transmission. Although engines can last 150,000 miles or more, many transmissions begin to slip and falter at only 75,000 miles or less. Automatic transmissions are particularly prone to early failures, thanks to their greater complexity than manuals. Once a…

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Sun Valley: Tips to Take Care of Your Vehicles Transmission

In any vehicle, the transmission is extremely important. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not take the necessary steps to ensure it is running smoothly and is protected from excessive wear and tear. With a few simple steps, any vehicle owner can ensure the transmission will continue working well for…

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Sun Valley: Three Reasons To Buy A Rebuilt Transmission

The transmission of any vehicle is a complex unit with many parts that is essential to a properly running vehicle. When a transmission begins to fail, a car will not drive correctly and possibly not work at all depending on the level of failure. There are a number of benefits…

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