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Sun Valley: The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Car maintenance is very essential to car care.  To save you from missing out on maintenance schedule it is helpful to consult for a car check up service.  One must always remember that this will help you to save money from malfunctions or breakdowns eventually.  Having it checked regularly is…

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Sun Valley: Signs That Your Clutch May be Going Out

If you’ve ever tried to hit a gear only to find that nothing happens, then you are quite familiar with the frightening and expensive problem of a failed clutch. The failure of a clutch can not only mean that your transmission is in danger of being badly damaged, the high…

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Sun Valley: Transaction Transmission is Servicing Sun Valley and Surrounding Areas

Nothing is more depressing than waking up and realizing that you are having car trouble. What’s even worse is when you realize that it’s your transmission that needs repairing. While panic may be setting in there is no need to feel frantic. This is where Transaction Transmission is here to…

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